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About John

A multi-dimensional, dynamic entertainer that delivers results

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From comedy clubs to improv stages to business theatre, John has been writing and performing for audiences worldwide for over 30 years. His early career highlights included appearances at Catch a Rising Star and Caroline’s in New York City. He performed as a cast member of “Some Assembly Required”, one of New York’s finest improv troupes. And he worked a year long stint at the Atlantic City Tropicana Hotel Casino — the main stage for the development of John’s incredible stable of impersonations.​


Over time, John’s also been featured in numerous network commercials. He’s also appeared on the Fox TV sketch series Let's Be Real, and he can be seen as Donald Trump in the box-office hit Meet the Spartans. And currently, John can be heard as Trump, on the highly popular Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio. Needless to say, John’s an artist with mad skills that cross all mediums.

But Di Domenico’s focus over the last decade has been entertaining corporate audiences worldwide as a professional emcee, game show host or master of ceremonies performing as either himself, or in the guise of one his many celebrity characters. And John just doesn’t arrive day of. He throws himself into researching the company in advance of the gig, studying the client objectives, writing custom content, working with the producers pre-event and on-site to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned. He’s 100% team player. A consummate professional. And a talent powerhouse for industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, automotive, IT, the floral market, hotels and more.


John is big on personality… and personalities, if you will; and delivers a unique brand of showmanship to every event. All backed by a world of experience. He understands what’s funny, what’s appropriate and what works in the corporate environment. And his ability to absorb every nuance of your business gives him an incomparable edge for crafting and delivering custom content that just crushes it.


A professionally-trained writer, actor and comedian and a master of transformation, John’s impressions are so damn good and so damn funny. Spot on and hilarious, John’s diverse cast of fully-costumed characters – from his unique line-up of celebrities to his original personalities – can deliver your content in their voice while creating a very big buzz on site. A buzz that will resonate throughout the meeting and live on long past it.


A charming, inspirational and funny illustration of overcoming adversity, John’s keynote is a combination of storytelling and performance. In the telling of his tale, John brings out his multiple personalities to entertain and in the end, brings down the house with tears and laughter. Leaving an audience transformed. John’s journey is a great “look at me now” lesson in overcoming obstacles and becoming successful in spite of it all. And the story is told with good humor and lots of impressions. It just might leave the audience speechless. Go figure.


John just explodes in inventive concepts that work. He understands what people want. Knows how to provoke a response. Fire-up engagement. Get people connected. Keep things moving. And memorable. He’s a veritable powerhouse of ingenuity and much more than that … a great collaborator. John can begin the creative process far in advance of the event date, build content, work on site with producers during pre-pro, and attend pitches. He’s on board and all in from the get-go.


John is the very BEST at what he does. As a performer, he inspires me as much or more than the celebrities and characters themselves. He's effortlessly hilarious, is a quick thinker and has taken his craft to the top. He's a 5-star performer!

Dale Preston


Dale Preston Entertainment

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