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Creative Director and Writer

A Catalytic Agent of Inventive Concepts that Work

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Under John’s hood lives a non-stop, active creative engine that, in tandem with your event objectives, can output a unique blend of artistic vision and business, to help bring ultra-successful programs to the stage of in-person and digital events. He’s got the head and the heart to work with you to both inspire and brainstorm fresh ideas and he’s got the expertise to deliver custom-written content to captivate your audience.


A professionally-trained actor, writer and comedian, he’s got a killer skill set that explodes in inventive concepts that work. He understands what people want. Knows how to provoke a response. Fire-up engagement. Get people connected. Keep things moving. And memorable. He’s a veritable powerhouse of ingenuity and much more than that … a great collaborator.


John can begin the creative process far in advance of the event date, build content, work on show site with producers during pre-pro, and attend pitches. He’s on board, and all in, from the get-go.


John offers the service in conjunction with his entertainment services or as an independent service.



When the experiential agency, known as productionglue, wanted entertainment for the annual Bloomberg Financial employee event; they called on John for everything. And he ran it all. From initial creative development, scripting, casting, rehearsals, and wardrobe to all logistics and scheduling; John wrote and wrangled it.  End-to-end.


Each year, Maaco and CertaPro Painters tap into John for his creative direction and writing services. John looks at their respective messaging and agendas, selects the appropriate impersonators and then scripts hilarious but relevant content for each. These shows also typically require pre-recorded video segments. John writes and produces those as well.


John can work on every aspect of an event from concept to implementation to execution. And has done so many times. Most recently, John served as a co-producer for NFT-VIP, an exclusive IRL start up. He secured the space and developed the content and staged the event for attendees that included Fortune 500 executives, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, as well as blue-chip NFT collectors and none other than Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank.


From pre-planning through to the final event, I truly appreciated John’s creative direction on both pre-event communications and performance scripting. I valued his input and thoughts on timing, lighting, content, and more.

He's the total creative solutions and performance package.

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