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Professional Event Emcee

Delivering Event Equity. Audience Engagement. And Impact.

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Known for his business-appropriate and spot-on impersonations, John, an Emmy-nominated actor, has been dropping the kabuki of his characters to showcase his authentic face, personality, and undeniable talents as a stand-alone professional host and emcee.  And he’s crushing it.


John’s years of experience as an impersonator, impressionist, writer, and improv artist for business clients has given John a clear understanding of what’s funny, what’s appropriate, and what works in the corporate world. His sensitivity to culture, value and company mission is well-honed. His ability to absorb business detail in order to craft custom content is exceptional. And his capacity to incorporate just the right amount of comedy to make his delivery effective and funny is awesome.

So whether John appears as his newly-minted, authentic self, or whether he comes cloaked in character, he’s just so charismatic and good at what he does. He knows how to work the stage. He knows how to build audience rapport. If things go sideways, he knows how to pivot on a dime. Saving the day. And most importantly, he knows how to open minds to receiving your message.


He’s got what it takes to build event equity, engagement and impact. And, either way, straight up or in character, he’s brilliant at it. 


From the shooting stars in business to the established executive luminaries, John has worked with the best either on stage, in the field, on tradeshow floors, in interview formats or on panels. And he has worked with them as himself or in character. With over 1000 performances for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, private, charity and ticketed events, John is a well-seasoned pro.


While live meetings are back in full force and have great merit, virtual meetings still have their own valuable role to play in fostering efficient communication. And John’s a virtual pro. His personality, his impressions, his ability to improv and unabashedly talk to people, has made him a favorite choice for virtual. He can keep the conversation lively and keep virtual real. John can work from his professional broadcast studio replete with cameras, lighting and sets, or he can travel to your remote studio.


As a professional stage and television actor, John is a natural in front of a camera or behind the mic. So whether he’s recording VOG executive intros, pre-records of new product introductions, service announcements, podcasts, or television commercials, John delivers authentic, believable outcomes. 


John is an incredible actor and plays many different roles, but he actually hosted as himself at our recent 

brand conference. He was incredible! He was funny, smart, and thoughtful, and brought it every day.

George Limbert


Red Roof

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