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Event Host

Whether he’s hosting as himself, or as one of his characters, John is big on personality (or personalities, if you will) and can deliver a unique brand of showmanship to every event.  All backed by a world of experience.


John’s years of performing as an impersonator, actor and improv artist for our planet’s leading brands has given him a clear understanding of what’s funny, what’s appropriate, and what works in the ever-changing climate of the corporate realm.


His ability to absorb every nuance of your business — from your culture, industry, products and people — paired with his writing genius, gives him an incomparable edge for crafting custom content that just crushes it.


And his flexibility as host is exceptional. Not only can John serve as event emcee introducing your program and executives, but he can also host game shows and award ceremonies, conduct one-on-one interviews, moderate talk show formats and facilitate panel discussions. You name it. Bottom line, as host, and in whatever capacity, John can bring a level of professionalism, program continuity and event engagement to your program that’s unsurpassed.

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