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Playing Almost Any Role

From Corporate Host to Character Appearances and Everything in Between

Event Host •  Award Show Host  •  Game Show Host  • Trade Show and Brand Ambassador  Roastmaster  •  Bogus Speaker  •  VO Artist & Broadcast Host

​​Never has there been such a diverse player. From the super-professional, stand-alone emcee to the wacky character walk-abouts, John’s got it all. As a writer, John can help develop creative solutions in collaboration with you or your production company that will weave comedy and content seamlessly together. And with a background in stand-up and improv, John can play most any role from corporate host, interviewer and facilitator to product authoritarian while always bringing funny to the forefront.


Thanks for making our show run seamlessly. 

You were able to keep everything rolling and rolling with no dead time. 

Your wardrobes, makeup, and impersonations were spot on.  

Your stand up and improv was perfect.  You were able to read the audience perfectly.

Mike Malina
ECP Marketing

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