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Master Of Transformation

And Marvel at Creating Unforgettable Impersonations


Guy slide.png

Guy Fieri

John Di Domenico is a professionally trained writer, actor and comedian and a master of transformation. All of which combined, make his impressions so damn good and so damn funny.


Spot on and hilarious, John’s diverse cast of fully-costumed characters – from his unique line-up of celebrities to his original personalities – can deliver your content in their voice while creating a very big buzz on site. A buzz that will resonate throughout the meeting and live on long past it.


Whether John is acting as an emcee, game show host, presenter, pitch man, team builder, or brand ambassador, he’s quite the character. And quite the consummate pro.

2019_BOLV_Winner_Silver NEW 1.png


Austin Powers

Dr. Evil

Captain Jack Sparrow

Inspector Clouseau

Sean Connery

The Love Guru


The Godfather

Groucho Marx

Wayne’s World



Billy Mays

Crocodile Hunter

Chris Matthews

Dick Clark

Ed Sullivan

Emeril Lagasse

Guy Fieri

Dr. Phil

Ozzy Osbourne

Howie Mandel

James Lipton

Jamie Hyneman

Johnny Carson

Larry King

Regis Philbin

Father Guido Sarducci

Jay Leno

Ted Lasso


Donald J Trump

Albert Einstein

Benjamin Franklin

Richard Nixon


I have had the pleasure to work with John and his amazing cast of characters.

He brings energy, insight, creativity, entertainment to our events.

He performs at the highest level, always learns what matters most and creates memorable experiences for all stakeholders. What a true pleasure it has been to collaborate with John, and we always look forward to the next time.

Michael Stone

President & CEO

CertaPro Painters

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