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Event Emcee | Impersonator | Keynote | And Creative at Large

Award-Winning, Emmy-Nominated entertainer that delivers results


Whether you need a straight-up, live event emcee… or a break-out entertainer that can host, moderate or walk-about in character… or, all of that… paired with the ability to produce and deliver a unique brand of customized content, John’s got it to give.


A born entertainer, creative spirit, writer, and an Emmy-Nominated actor, John’s been shining his spotlight on the corporate world for more than 25 years. 


He specializes in thoroughly evaluating his client’s objectives to deliver remarkable, curated comedic material while seamlessly integrating himself… or his host of celebrity impersonations… into worldwide meetings and events.  A consummate professional and bon vivant, John delivers a healthy dose of seriously funny event engagement that’s unsurpassed.

2019_BOLV_Winner_Silver 5x.png


Performing on both the private and public stage for more than 25 years, John is no doubt a perfect professional and an accomplished artist. He’s performed worldwide for both big and small organizations, either directly or in conjunction with their production companies. Either way, he’s in touch, always relevant and the most experienced.


Profuse and prolific, John’s been acting since 5. Making movies since 10. Acting in school plays and summer theatre as a teen. Doing stage and commercial work after college. And building his corporate act all along. He blends his business acumen with his profound talent to deliver the best, most memorable events.


John brings passion to all of his projects. And to all of his people. Whether that’s working directly with the clients or through the producers, John thrives on partnerships, collaboration and camaraderie. Easy to work with, John can deliver an infinite well of creativity that will parallel with your message and objective.


We asked a great deal of John for our product launch and he delivered. Presented as a telethon,

John played the host and all the celebrity guests. He became an integral part of our creative team; he assisted in writing, structure, concept, and, of course, performing live as well as in video modules. He’s the total package.

Trish Whitehurst

Executive Producer